Wednesday, 4 April 2007

My 2006 Elton John Concert

This is a picture of Uncle Peter (left) and myself just before we left to go to the Elton John 2006 concert.

Hi everyone! As I promised, I've done another post for you to read! I said last time that this time I was going to tell you about my last Elton John concert that happened on November 26, 2006! The concert I went to back in 2002 that I told you about last fortnight was fun, but I didn't do a lot of cheering or singing along with songs like everyone else was in the Entertainment Centre, Mum encouraged me to sing along and just enjoy myself as I was a bit nervous! At the concert I went to last year of Elton's called The Captain And The Kid, I did a lot more cheering and clapping and singing and fully enjoyed myself!

When I found out that Elton was coming back to Australia for his Captain And The Kid tour, I was, like the first time, very excited! I told everyone in my family about it coming! I tried getting through on various radio station competitions, but had no luck, except my Granddad, who won Elton's new CD on 4BH. Little did I know, the week before the concert, I found out that Uncle Peter had bought tickets for he and I to go to the concert. That really made my day.

It is worth me mentioning here that since June, I've been watching Australian Idol and was (not voting until the end) hoping for one of the contestants, Damien Leith, to win each week, he made it to the Final 2 with another great singer in that competition Jessica Mauboy. I didn't realise that the Australian Idol Grand Finale would be on the exact night of the Elton concert.

Uncle Peter and I listened to Elton's new CD, The Captain And The Kid all the way to the concert and Uncle Peter thought it was quite a good CD! When we got to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, we got a park just near the building, therefore it would be easy to leave when the concert was over! When we got inside, we paid for the concert programme! The programme looked so good, especially with an interview with Elton and Bernie about the Captain And The Kid CD.

We went in just before 8:00pm to get our seats. Since the last concert, I was concerned if I had to go up or down steps, but we sat was an area where people with disabilities can sit. When we got in, I was shocked to see the view we had, it was fantastic! At the 2002 concert, me and Mum were on the ground floor, therefore you could always get some one's head in your way when you don't want to, but where we sat in 2006, you could see the stage and the big screen directly opposite us. It was such a good concert with Elton even doing 5 songs in a row from the new album!

Unfortunately, I found out later that Elton was sick that night when we saw him, he went off stage for a few minutes to be sick while Davey Johnstone played guitar until Elton came back and apologised for the sickness. I was actually surprised that there was no support act this time like the last time. Elton just performed straight for a few hours before finishing. It was a fantastic concert, even Uncle Peter enjoyed it! The lights were nice and bright and the sound was nice and loud! I do intend to go to another Elton concert in the future. I did hear that he might be slowing down after this year, but he will still be good. If he ever announces a final world tour, I hope to get right up front on that night and enjoy seeing him live close up.

Next time, I am going to talk about various music things that are unrelated to Elton, so watch this space for more posts vary soon!


  1. Hi Brad,

    I really like how your blog is shaping up.....keep up the great work ~


  2. Well Elton Brad you have out done yourself...What a fantastic Blog...I loved it....Your wonderful Mum informed me of your blog and I couldn't wait to get on and have a look, and I am so glad I did...Cant wait to read more. There was only one downside you have forgot to dedicate a page to your first love and idol your(Aunty Ang) and forget Elton John "LoL" only joking darl... Keep up the good work it is fantastic. Love Aunty Ang

  3. Hey Brad,

    Really enjoyed reading your blog! I read the latest blog entry about your Elton John 2006, concert aloud to the whole family.

    Everyone commented on how good your grammer was too, its better than all of our's, lol. There is one thing I think you can improve in your blog. That is, writting more about your great cousin Skye, lol hehe.

    Well keep writing, and keeping everyone entertained.

    Love always, Skye x0x

  4. Thanks Mum, Aunty Angela and Skye, I am really glad you are all enjoying it because I enjoy doing it for you all to read! I read your comment Aunty Angela and I laughed at the bit where you said forget Elton! You too, Skye, thanks for that little joke as well! Thanks again for all your nice comments, I will try and add more as soon as I can!

    Love always


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