Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Smallville Excitement!

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In May, I bought the complete seasons 1 thru to 6 of Smallville!  I’m pretty excited about buying them!  If it wasn’t for the Superman comics, we wouldn’t have great TV shows like Smallville, Superman movies, or the Lois & Clark TV series.   I love the song they use during the opening credits for the series: Save Me by Remy Zero!

Smallville started in 2001 but, when I started watching it, I had already missed some episodes.   I was hooked!  I never missed a week of Smallville, but one day, I noticed that Network Ten (or Channel 10) stopped showing Smallville all together.  I think it was during the 6th season they stopped.  I wasn’t happy at all as I really enjoyed watching it.

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Then some time in 2008, I heard that Ten HD was showing Smallville, but the terrible thing about that was that we didn’t have a digital TV at the time so I still missed out on more episodes of it.  Now, Ten HD aren't even showing it.  Last week, I read on the Smallville Australia site that one of the possible reasons they’ve stopped showing Smallville is because many Australians were obviously downloading full episodes before they can be put on air in Australia.  I guess people wouldn't have to do that if the episodes were shown at the same time as they are viewed in the States.  It seems a shame to see such a great TV series like Smallville go off air because ratings come down due to people downloading the episodes instead.

Thankfully, the episodes of various TV shows are now being put onto DVD so at least I have been able to catch up.

Smallville has finished showing it’s 8th season in the US, so I’m sure we’ll see that season’s DVD set come out between August and October, but unfortunately, Australia may not get it until sometime next year.  Another great piece of news is that I’ve read on the Kryptonsite website is that Tom Welling and other Smallville cast have signed up to do a 9th Season of Smallville!  I’m so excited about that, I’m already looking forward to it being released on DVD because it obviously won’t be shown on TV here unless something good happens!  From what I’ve also read on the Kryptonsite website, Tom Welling signed up for a Season 10!  I really do hope they do Season 10!  I’m not going to get my hopes too high at the moment, because you never know if they’re going to do it or not as it all depends on the ratings for Season 9!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the series will reach Season 10!


  1. i've enjoyed watching smallville with you these past weeks, brad, and i'm looking forward to season eight! :)

    mum xo

  2. Smallville rocks! Although, I have a ton of catch up to do from moving/relocating. :) Found your blog via Michelle's.


    PS I am having a magical halloween ball this Saturday. I would be honored if you would attend. Please stop by my site to read the formal invitation and sign up via Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post. :)

    It's going to be fun!



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